• CEONomad

My small side hustle

As the quantity of internet users grows, the opportunities for reaching new people and earning money online grow with it. Whether by creating blog content or advertising a product you make or sell, the BeInflu.com opens up new opportunities for generating side-revenue, being found in search engines, and even training for how to make more and more money online.

For anyone who's read "What Do You Mean You Don't Have A Backup Plan?!" you probably quickly realized that I'm always trying new products and essentially trying to diversify my income stream. Learning from the blunders of my youth, I realized that as in investing diversifying your sources of income can hedge against risks and protect you in the long-term.

I've been reading blogs and editorials within my area of interests for a long time but I never thought to write my own until I realized that doing so could generate what I refer to as 'side hustle' through my own blog. By side hustle I mean sources of income that produce residual income streams for the work I'm presently doing and the work I've done in the past. If done consistently over a period of time, sources of residual income can easily add up to substantial amounts of cash; so much so that many have been able to retire young just from the residual income from such ventures or have been able to cut back the amount of work they do to nearly negligible hours per week.

I could regale you with more stories of people who either supplement their income or make their living from providing web content through blogs, videos, or use of social networking than you'd probably care to hear about, but the main question is, why aren't you?

To Your Success!