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Marketing and sales: the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Unless you’re making a profit, it’s tough to call yourself a successful entrepreneur.

What’s the use of having an amazing product or service that no one knows about? How do you get it in front of the right people?The simple answer is to market the product or service on social media.

Many new entrepreneurs use the basic strategy of setting up an instagram account for their business. They scroll, engage with followers, and pitch their product or service in DMs. Although this may help you get clients early on, it’s not the most sustainable approach to business.

Something that you will learn in business, is that more exposure leads to more sales. The best approach is to utilize all of the social media platforms in the way that best works for you and your business. You want to have a successful and diverse marketing strategy, and cover all of your social media bases.

How to approach marketing across platforms:

Facebook: Create a business profile for your page. Facebook groups are a great way to build a community. Get clear on your message and the benefits of joining your group. Make it appealing to those who come across your page. Allow people to get to know you, and be authentic. This will help people decide whether they want to be a part of your community and purchase your product/service.

Instagram: Determine who your target audience is and interact with them. This will help you understand what appeals to them. See who they are following and get inspiration and ideas for what you want your page to look like. Speaking to your audience through your captions as you would to a friend will help form lasting relationships.

Ads: Building an organic following is great, but it takes time. Paid advertisements can significantly cut down the time and effort needed to gain followers. Having a larger audience leads to more exposure which generates sales.

Collaborations: Finding someone online who has a similar niche and collaborating with them is a great approach to gaining exposure and followers. You can do this through any of the social media platforms. Get in touch with them about running an offer, contest, or creating something together. Cross-promoting and cross-pollinating audiences helps both businesses get discovered.

To Your Success!