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From scratch to millions with Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

If you are a startup owner, an investor or anybody who has given a shot at money-making, chances are you have read the famous book series “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T Kiyosaki. Some call this man as the genius of financial literacy. I have to admit that after reading all those books, I was pretty inspired and knew things about finance nobody could have ever told me. But what about the man behind this bestseller?

Did you know that Robert has earned millions by investing in startups, stocks, real estate and a lot of other opportunities? So how did a guy working with the US marines become a multi-millionaire?

Where does Robert come from

Robert was a Japanese-American born in Hawaii in 1947. This was right after the Second World War when the Pearl Harbor incident had happened. Imagine living in a country where Japanese people were looked on with doubt and hatred.

However, Robert was a dedicated and faithful American citizen. And he proved this by joining the US marines and receiving a lot of recognition and rewards for his daring work.

Where Kiyoksi learned to sell

After being discharged from the Marines, Robert worked for Xerox as a salesman. Although he realized that the corporate world wasn’t for him, Robert learned the art of selling really well there. He learned to deal with people and close deals successfully.

The “get rich quick” scheme for Kiyoksi

In 1977, Robert started using his business skills and saw an opportunity to produce surfer wallets in Hawaii. The business went pretty well and Robert could dream of only success from there on. However, Robert knew about business, but did not know everything. Due to some poor financial decisions in the business, his company went down and the market was captured by a lot of other competitors

Falling on his face

If you think that was failure, hold on. Robert’s new company for licensing T shirt reproductions failed him miserably in the year 1980. It was so bad that Robert had to live at the back of a Toyota car.

Getting up

Here is why Robert is what he is today. As a strong fighter, Robert didn’t let his spirit go down and started using his creativity. He thought of teaching business to the world and along with his wife, he started an international education company, Excellerated Learning Institute. This was a big break and the business expanded to different continents on the planet.

The bestseller writer is born

In 1995, Robert thought of providing financial literacy to the entire world with his first book, If You Want to Be Rich & Happy: Don’t Go to School? The books sells well till date.

Launching the world famous business board game

In 1996, Robert reached a level higher with Cashflow, his internationally acclaimed and best-selling business board-game. And the cashflow quadrant can be spotted in his books as well.

Lessons from Robert: Reading this article is a complete waste if we don’t take something from Robert. Here is what I have learned from this financial guru

Make money work for you and not vice-versa which is what most people do

It is never too late to start. Robert was 38 when he started his business institute and he was broke while starting it

Never give up. You might have a bad past, no family background of business or no resources to make money. But if you can believe in yourself, you can change the world.

To Your Success!