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Billions from computers like Bill Gates did?

“Be nice to geeks, you will probably end up working for one” ~ Bill Gates

Well, believe it or not, that is quite true and Bill has got a whole lot of people working for him around the globe and even more who aspire working for him. Back in the 70’s when Bill was a student, if somebody told you that you could be the richest man on the planet by making money from computers, you would probably laugh out loud. You wouldn’t even be sure if a computer would be ever be used as widely as it is today. But Bill saw the opportunity in this industry and when everyone was making the computer hardware, Bill started writing code to make software which would run on all these computers. 90% of these new computers failed, but Bill got his fair share of business selling software to them. Here is how

You could tell there was something about him right since childhood

Bill was considered to be smart by everyone, but being that smart that he could change how the world uses technology was something nobody had thought of. He could be seen with a book when he was a kid and later he could be spotted doing programming and understanding more and more about computers

The birth of Microsoft: at Harvard

After reading the January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics that demonstrated the Altair 8800, Gates contacted Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), the creators of the new microcomputer, to inform them that he and others were working on a BASIC interpreter for the platform. In reality, Gates and Allen did not have an Altair and had not written code for it; they merely wanted to gauge MITS's interest. After they were asked for a demo, they wrote the code and built BASIC and the demo went successful. Gates and Paul started working with MITS and soon Microsoft was registered. Gates never came back to Harvard to complete his studies. In the first five years, Gates personally reviewed every line of code the company shipped, and often rewrote parts of it as he saw fit

Getting big with IBM

As Bill’s company started to pick up, the big break came in when IBM approached Microsoft. The result was MS-DOS, which was a phenomenal product which took Microsoft to the heights it has achieved today. Bill sold it for 50,000 USD but did not transfer the copyright.

The final leap: Windows

Microsoft came out with its first retail product in 1985 which was Windows and I don’t need to explain you where it led Microsoft. But it doesn’t stop here. Gates managed to produce various products from personal computing to development software which have made Microsoft the success it is today.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Gates gave up shares in his company to start this foundation with his wife and it is the world’s wealthiest charitable foundation, with assets reportedly valued at more than US$34.6 billion

What Bill Gates taught me?

The single most important thing I can take from him is being an independent thinker. To have a voice of your own and following it takes courage. Imagine being in Harvard in 1973 and creating this crazy software and leaving a world renowned institute for it. That takes courage and faith.

The other thing Bill has taught me is being opportunistic. After reading a magazine in 1975, he realized the need of software and created one. This attitude is present in very few people. But Bill teaches us to follow your gut and go with what you feel like is right.


To Your Success!